Also Available:

  • Zero Carbon Footprint Digipack
  • Digipack (4 or 6 panels)
  • Custom Booklet
  • Slim Case
  • CD Sleeve
  • CDR’s Wallet
  • DVD Packaging
  • Business Cards CDs
  • Bulk Replicated CDs
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CD Manufacturing

CDs are still important in the music industry with over two-thirds of music sold in this format, there is just something special about owning a disc rather than just a file on a computer. Additionally selling CDs is a great way to personally interact with your fans so make sure you keep this as a viable option!
O’Brien AMS can manufacture as low as 100 CDs for you!

100 Digipacks Starting at 6$ per unit

100 Jewel Case Starting at 5$ per unit

Do not include design artwork, shipping & VAT.

Please contact us to obtain a quote for any volume of CDs you desire.

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