Recording of your tracks

O’Brien AMS is connected with some of the best studios in USA and Europe. We will look for the right studio for the right music in order to give you the best sound. But let’s face it, even with the best engineer and the best studios at your disposal, bear in mind that a badly recorded track will turn into a ” badly recorded mixed track “.
O’Brien AMS will only work with tracks that are properly recorded. This is where you’ll have to make a difficult decision: home studio or professional studio? If you need some tips for your recording session, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you in the process because we want to get the best out of your music!

We will help you to:

– Plan your recording session. (Vital to it’s success, and difficult with time & money constraints)

– Find the appropriate recording studio in the city you live in. (from high-end recording studios to low-end bare bones studios)

– Get the best from your home recording session!

Send us your demo! Use our SoundCloud drop box!

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