• 350$ for a Demo Mix (4 Tracks)
  • 550$ for a Mix up to 48 Tracks
  • 850$ for a Mix up to 96 Tracks
  • 250$ for Unlimited Modifications
  • 250$ for a Detailed Vocal Tuning
  • 150$/hour for Audio Editing

Songs over 5min can be subject to length fee

Develop The Right Sound

  • Mixing Services

    All the tracks are recorded, vocals are pitched, and the drumbeats are bang? Now is time to start mixing! This is one of the most important processes for your overall sound because this is where faders, compressors, reverbs and many other things are taking place in order to bring that special sound you’re looking for. Mixing is not an easy process; it requires excellent communication skills from both parties in order to respond properly to the artist or band’s vision.

    We cannot stress it enough that the quality of your mix will greatly depend on the quality of your recording. Remember you don’t want badly recorded mixed track. Price range here will vary and depend on the number of the tracks you want to mix, the studio used, the engineer…

    Please contact us in order to get an accurate quote for your project.

    Quantization: 24 bits minimum

    Sample rate: 44,1Khz or above (48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176,4 kHz, 192 kHz)

    Level: down between -3 to -6 db

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