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  • CD text
  • ISRC Code
  • Gracenote database
    (iTunes / Shazam)
  • 1 CD-R copy
  • 48 hours turn around
  • Audio Restoration
  • Audio Vinyl Transfer
Develop The Right Sound

  • Mastering

    Recording is done and so is mixing so what now? Mastering! If you wish for your music to be distributed and sold online then we strongly recommend you invest in professional mastering. There are software-mastering tools available to facilitate this however the results will still depend upon the accuracy of the speaker monitors.

    Additionally music mastering engineers may also need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement in order to improve the overall sound translation on all playback systems.
Mastering is a crucial part of your project please contact us in order to get an accurate quote.

    Starting at 125$ per songs including:

    • Analog or Digital Mastering
    • EQ, dynamic processing, editing and one revision
    • 1 master CD tested

    If you’ve already mixed your songs, following formats are required

    Quantization: 24 bits minimum
Sample rate : 44,1Khz or above (48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176,4 kHz, 192 kHz)

    Level : down between -3 to -6 db

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